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The Rules

The rules are as simple as we can allow.

All submissions will be held for approval. If your submission is not approved within a couple of days please inquire through the contact form. A notification will be sent automatically on acceptance or decline of your submission. If you have followed the rest of the rules your submission will probably be accepted.

You may use plain English, but try to respect the sensibilities of others.

You may upload pictures with your posts. Pictures should be resized in an image editor to no more than 700px width. There is a 100Kb file size limitation as well.

You may post YouTube or other video sharing site videos as long as the site provides an embed code. Just past the embed code into the html editor available from the toolbar of the page editor.

The usual Internet No Nos apply:

  1. Porn
  2. Hate Speech
  3. Violence
  4. Prejudice

If needed, other rules will be added to the list, but if you use a little common sense these hints should do. Please check back from time to time.